Eye Care
Dr. Keulder pecializes in cataract-, pterygium-,
and refractive surgery (NON-LASIK).
Quality Eye Care Since 2000 Cape Gate Practice
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Dr. Keulder specializes in glaucoma treatment,
sugar diabetes eye treatments, and general
eye conditions.
Quality Eye Care Since 2000 Worcester Practice
Eye Specialist Theodor Keulder

Dr Keulder visits clinics in Ceres, Robertson, Malmesbury & Swellendam

Dr. Theodor Keulder specializes in cataract and pterygium surgery, glaucoma treatment, sugar diabetes eye treatments, refractive surgery (NON-LASIK), and general eye conditions.

  • Worcester Practice - 40 Russell Street 023 347 4707
  • Cape Gate Practice - 47 Tanner Street 021 987 4440
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Dr. Keulder obtained a MFam Med degree at UFS

Dr Keulder practices as eye specialist at Cape Gate Mediclinic and Advanced Health Durbanville Surgical Centre and Advanced Health Worcester Surgical Centre.

  • Dr Theodor Keulder started the Worcester practice in July 2000
  • Dr. Keulder opened another practice at the Panorama Medi-Clinic on "9/11" 2001. In 2014 Dr. Keulder relocated the Panorama practice to Cape Gate
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